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Confidential waste removal
and destruction.

We provide a professional service, which allows
businesses to dispose of their confidential waste,
in line with current legislation.


Shredding UK can come to your location in our secure
vehicle which is operated by highly trained personal.
Pick up the confidential information will be efficiently
transported off site to one of Shredding UK’s secure
facility’s, where the shredding will take place inside


The Data Protection Act 1998 applies to all businesses,
large or small that process information on or about
individuals. Is your data management in compliance
with the Data Protection Act?


We provide a very effective mobile shredding service,
our customized transport allows us to provide a reliable,
trust worthy service catering for a large array of needs;
Shredding UK are able to come to your required location
if it be the office, storage location even your home with a
vehicle equipped to shred data on site. You may witness
the process of secure destruction of your documents if
you require.


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